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495th R/C Squadron - 2004 Auction

495th Squadron, Inc.
27th Annual R/C Auction
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Who is sponsoring the Auction?

  2. When is the Auction?

  3. Where is the Auction going to be held?

  4. What time does the Auction start?

  5. How much does the Auction cost?

  6. In what order will items be sold at the Auction?

  7. What is the fee structure for the Auction?

  8. What happens if my $125.00 airplane sells at the Auction?

  9. What happens if my $75.00 engine does not sell at the Auction?

  10. Will there be a raffle at the Auction?

  11. Will there be refreshments at the Auction?

The Auction is being sponsored by the 495th R/C Squadron, Inc., a radio controlled model club based in Tewksbury, MA.

The Auction is to be held Wednesday evening  Feb. 2, 2005. The Auction replaces the regular club meeting for the month of February.

The Auction will be held at the Tewksbury Congregational Church, the site of the regular 495th R/C Squadron, Inc. club meetings.

The Auction itself begins at 7:00PM, and runs until 10:00PM. The door will open at 6:30PM for Auction item registrations.

The entrance fee for the Auction is $2.00 per person, payable at the door. There is a selling fee of 10% for all items sold at the Auction, and a 5% buyback fee for all items not sold.

Items will be auctioned in the order that they are registered. Again, registration for sellers will begin at 6:30PM. Each item will be assigned a unique number at the time of registration, listing a description of the item, and the minimum asking price..

There is a 10% selling fee payable to the 495th R/C Squadron, Inc. for all items sold, and a 5% buyback fee payable to the 495th R/C Squadron, Inc. for all items not sold. The intention of the buyback fee is to encourage sellers to set a realistic minimum price for their items.

If your $125.00 airplane sells at the Auction, you will first collect $125.00 from the buyer of your item, and then you will pay 10% of the selling price of the airplane (10% of $125.00 = $12.50) to the 495th R/C Squadron, Inc..

If your $75.00 engine does not sell at the Auction, you will pay 5% of the minimum asking price of the engine (5% of $75.00 = $3.75) to the 495th R/C Squadron, Inc.

Yes, we will be raffling off a brand new Futaba 6EXA 6 channel computer radio with (4) S3004 servos!!

Yes, we will have free coffee, donuts and cookies at the Auction starting at 6:30PM.