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495th R/C Squadron, Inc. - Development

Under the direction of Club President John Morley, the 495th R/C Squadron, Inc. plans to undertake a number of club development projects intended to improve the club, and raise public awareness of R/C Modeling and the 495th R/C Squadron. These club development activities are detailed below.

Tewksbury Public Schools

On Friday Dec. 12th, 2003, 495th R/C Squadron, Inc. Vice-President John Morley visited the first grade class of Pat. Stratis (Room A7) at the Dewing School in Tewksbury, MA to discuss the Wright Brothers, and the 100th anniversary of powered flight. During the visit, a Sig Four Star 60 radio controlled model airplane was prominently displayed, and used extensively to teach the kids about airplanes. The presentation was extremely well received by the students, and hopefully many of them will visit our flying fields in the coming months to learn more about airplanes, and model aviation!

AMA Safety Benches

Two AMA Safety Benches for the Pinnacle Street field have now been completed! Ron Quattrochi, John Morley, and Don Payne (non-member, friend of John) spent one evening and a Saturday afternoon cutting wood, and driving decking screws to put these together for the club! All labor and materials ($140.00 total) to build these benches has been generously donated to the club! The plan is to get the benches to the Pinnacle Street field as soon as possible, and to build more benches in the Spring! Try the benches out when you're at Pinnacle Street, and please thank Ron, John and Don for a superb effort to make this project a reality!

AMA Safety Bench Rear View AMA Safety Bench Front View Don Payne on the Chop Saw John M and Don P.
Is it square?? JM, not just a pretty face!! The "Motley" Crew! At the Field!!
Ho, Ho, Ho, the pickup is made!! Chris and Adam make the drop-off!! Long, Zareh and Freddie check out the new AMA Benches! Long starts his bird on the new AMA Bench!

Here is what the members are saying about the new AMA Safety Benches at the Pinnacle Street field:

"They are wonderful. You can work on your aircraft at a comfortable height. They are a real asset to the field. Keep up the good work"    Ed Becotte

Here is what the designer of the benches had to say about the 495th R/C Squadron, Inc. Benches:

"Ron, Thanks for letting us know about the benches. Nice work!! We get a kick out of seeing them in unexpected places!!" Joe Di Prima (AMA Safety Bench Designer)

Cub Scouts

Plans are currently underway to make an R/C Modeling presentation to the Cub Scouts of Tewksbury, and to have a "Cub Scout Day" at the Pinnacle Street field this Spring! If you would like to participate in any of these extremely worthwhile club development projects, please contact one of the officers of the club!