(Gotta Have It!)

The names The 495th R/C Squadron and 495th Squadron, etc. shall be synonymous. They shall be all inclusive of all members in good standing, be they club officers, board of directors, instructors or general membership as set forth by the club by- laws.

The 495th Squadron assumes no liability or responsibility in regards to the material herein, or any resulting action thereof. All information was compiled in good faith from printed materials, past experience and general knowledge of the model aviation hobby.

Safety, safe practices and procedures, have been emphasized throughout this manual. Participants are expected to comply with these guidelines at all times as a member of the 495th Squadron.

The 495th Squadron flight assistance program is provided free of charge, by experienced model aircraft pilots who volunteer their time. There are no guarantees as to results. Participants must exercise their own good judgment and common sense in determining their abilities and limitations. The 495th Squadron assumes no liability or responsibility for any action taken, past, present, or future, by any participant in this program.

Participants further attest they are members in good standing with the Academy of Model Aeronautics. Should the possibility of conflict exist with club procedures, guidelines, etc. and A.M.A rules, A.M.A. rules will take precedence.

If you do not find these terms agreeable to your situation, please do not ask to participate in the program.

(We too, are sorry you had to go through that.

Unfortunately that's what our society has come to.

Hey, we gotta cover our rear too!)


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