Student Pilot

Flight Instruction Manual

Welcome to the 495th R/C Squadron flight instruction program.

You are about to become a part of the best radio control flying club in the New England area. Our goal is to not just teach you to solo an R/C aircraft, but to become a proficient pilot. This means we may be looking for a bit more from our students, and in the end giving them greater ability and confidence.

More importantly, we want you to be a safe pilot, for yourself, your fellow club members, and the sport itself. Please remember, model aircraft are not toys. Unsafe practices and procedures can result in serious injury. We are happy to provide all the assistance needed for you to get the most out of this hobby. This is a very rewarding hobby if a little effort is put in to learn it correctly from the start. Good luck and happy flying!

Table of Contents

Ground School
Field Procedures & Safety Guidelines
Aircraft Check Out & Maintenance Guidline
Flight Instruction
Flying & Safety Tips & Hints
Fixed Wing Flight Log
Helicopter Flight Log


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