AMA Chartered Club #340

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495th R/C Squadron - AMA Leader Club Awards

"As of July 23rd, 2004, the 495th R/C Squadron has
achieved 100% of our Gold Leader Level Goal!!!"

- Ron Quattrochi
 President, The 495th R/C Squadron


The 495th R/C Squadron - An AMA Gold Leader Club!!

In order to recognize the leadership of the best model clubs, the Academy of Model Aeronautics has established the AMA Leader Club Awards. These awards can be earned by any AMA Chartered Club by meeting certain standards of community service and activity. There are three levels of AMA Leader Clubs: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Once a chartered club club meets the minimum criteria for Leader Club participation, it qualifies for the different levels based on performance.

The AMA has established 14 goals for Leader Club status. Five of these goals are required. A club that meets the required five goals, plus three of the electives, qualifies as a Bronze Leader Club. Meeting the required five goals, plus six electives, qualifies the club for the Silver level. The ultimate recognition, Gold level, requires that all goals be met.

Club President, Ron Quattrochi,  challenged the membership of the 495th R/C Squadron to "Go For The Gold in 2004", and satisfy all 14 of the Leader Club goals so that the 495th R/C Squadron could earn AMA Leader Club Gold Status in 2004. As of July 23rd, 2004, the 495th R/C Squadron has achieved AMA Leader Club Gold Status! Congratulations to the Club, and a heartfelt thanks to all that helped make this milestone possible!

AMA District I Vice President Don Krafft will present the 495th R/C Squadron, Inc. with their Gold Leader Club award at the annual Club picnic on September 11, 2004.

Required Activities for Leader Club Status

1. AMA Chartered Club for a minimum of 5 years. Club membership is open to all AMA members and is
    not limited to a certain number. (32 years - Since 1972 - 160+ members - not limited)
2. Club has developed and posted Safety and Operational Rules at its flying site.
3. Club has filed a copy of Safety and Operational Rules at AMA Headquarters.
4. Flying field has separate areas for fliers and spectators, clearly marked as such.
5. The AMA Safety Code is posted and visible at the club field.


Leader Club Electives

1. Club has implemented and enforces a frequency control plan that allows all 50 R/C channels to be used
    at its club flying site where R/C is allowed. (Club "Pin Pole")
2. Club has implemented an AMA Adopt-A-School program or donates a Model Aviation magazine
    subscription to schools or libraries. (Donated Model Aviation to Tewksbury School/Library - Jan. '04)
3. Club conducts a review of the AMA Safety code at a club meeting at least once a year.
4. Club sponsors an annual public event, such as a mall show, a flying show, or demonstration. (Tewskbury State
    Hospital Flying Demo - Summer of '04
5. Club monitors noise levels and/or institutes club field rules such as a requirement that models be operated
    at a maximum of 90 db at 9 feet.
6. Club has created an informational handout and provides it to the general public.
7. Club participates in charity programs or public fund-raising events. (Scouts/Lions/Hospital donation)
8. Club has a formal lease or agreement for use of its flying site or owns its site.
9. Club participates in the AMA Introductory Pilot Program or has its own instruction program. (New in '04!)


A copy of the AMA Leader Club Awards document is available here.