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495th R/C Squadron, Inc. - June Fun Fly Wrapup

June Fun Fly Wrapup

On the June 11, 2005, the 495th R/C Squadron, Inc. held a fun fly at the John A. Ogonowski Model Flying Field (Pinnacle Street) in Tewksbury, MA. The fun fly was open to all current Club members, and was an exciting, fun-filled event! Beginning at 10:00 AM and running until 3:00 PM, the Timed Flying Contest, the Static Display and the Flying Contest with "Handicapped" Scoring events were enjoyed by all!! A complete report of the June Fun Fly follows below.

Timed Flying Contest - The top three finishers in the Timed Flying Contest were: 1st - Jim Thompson with a time of 29 seconds, 2nd - Rick Breton with a time of 45 seconds and 3rd - Bill Copp with a time of 1 minute, 29 seconds.

Static Display - The top three finishers in the Static Display were: 1st - Gus Deltwas with a scratch built L-4, 2nd - Bob Michaud with an Aeroworks PT-17 Stearman ARF, and 3rd - John Haggerty with a Hangar 9 P-51 ARF.

Lunch - A total of 90 hotdogs, 50 hamburgers, 4 bags of chips, 10 bottles of soda, and 2 bags of cookies were served at the June Fun Fly . All food was purchased by John Morley and ably served by John and Chris Rines!

Flight Demo - After lunch, a spectacular 3D flight demo was conducted by Cody Wojcik of the Cape Ann R/C Club. A special thanks to Dick Adams for arranging Cody's performance! Later, Jim Thompson, Dave Silva and Bill Copp put on an impressive display of R/C Model Helicopters! Thanks guys!!

Flying Contest with "Handicapped" Scoring - The top 3 finishers in the Flying Contest with Handicapped Scoring were: 1st - Dave Silva, 2nd - Dick Adams, and 3rd - Michael Kou. After the first round, Dave Silva and Dick Adams were tied for the top honors requiring a second round "fly-off"! The fly-off was ultimately won by Dave Silva.