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495th R/C Squadron, Inc. - Membership

Membership in the 495th R/C Squadron, Inc. is open to all current AMA members. Please download a copy of the 2015 495th R/C Squadron, Inc. Membership Application below, and bring it with you to the next Club meeting, or mail it with your check to the address shown on the application.

2015 Membership Dues Structure

Member Class


Regular1 $50.00
Junior2 $15.00
Family3 $5.00
Senior4 Free

1. Regular members are subject to a one-time initiation fee of $30.00.
2. Junior members must be 19 or younger as of July 1st.
3. Family members must live at the same address as a Regular member, and cannot hold office or vote.
4. Seniors members must be 80 years or older as of January 1st, and have been paid members for at least 10 prior years.

The operation of the 495th R/C Squadron, Inc. is governed by our Club By-laws. View a copy of the current Club By-laws by clicking the PDF icon below. Download by right-clicking the icon and selecting "Save-As

Club By-Laws

If you are not sure of your AMA membership status, you can check it on-line here.

View a copy of the current Membership Application by clicking the PDF icon below. Download by right-clicking the icon and selecting "Save-As

2017 Membership Application

You can now download copies of the Club's Membership Directory, Membership and Board Meeting Minutes, and Financial Reports in the Members Only section of the website.  Please use the email submission form below to obtain the Username and Password required to access this section of the website.

Member Email Addresses

We are collecting email addresses for all Club members. A database of current Club member email addresses is essential to allow the Club to keep all our members up-to-date with the most recent Club news and information. Please take a moment to send us your email address:



Note: All email addresses will be kept in strict confidence, and will only be shared with email spammers for the right price! (Just kidding!)

On-Line Membership Application (New Members and Renewals) 

You can apply for, or renew your membership on-line, using a simple 2-step process.

First Step: Complete the on-line membership application.
Second Step: Pay your new member or renewal dues using PayPal.

Step 1 Step 2

Note: To offset the cost of using PayPal, a $2.50 surcharge has been added to the cost of Memberships and Renewals. If the PayPal link above is not working (PayPal is undergoing changes to the way it handles merchant accounts), the Club's PayPal address is ''. Be sure to send the correct amount of money, or your payment will be rejected.