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John Morley's 28% Wild Hare Edge 540T ARF!

After 2 years of flying a glow engine trainer (Great Planes PT-60), and a glow engine sport plane (Sig Four Star 60), I really wanted to give Giant Scale gas engine powered models a try. Part of my rational is that my personal preference has always been "bigger is better" when it comes to models, and I was looking forward to operating a model without the mess of glow fuel operation. Coincidentally, while looking for a winter '03/'04 project, I came across the Wild Hare 28% Edge 540T ARF, an entry-level gas powered airplane, and immediately fell in love with the unique color scheme. It took me all of about 1 minute to call the manufacturer, and place my order! Unfortunately, I would have to wait about 2 months for delivery, as the airplanes were being manufactured in Thailand! Well, that gave me plenty of time to gather all the required parts and accessories to complete the model when it arrived!

Step 1: Unpacking the Model

Step 2: Mounting the Engine and fitting the Cowl

Step 3: Hinging the Control Surfaces

Step 4: Mounting the Landing Gear     

Step 5: Mount the Hatch and Canopy

Step 6: Mount the Horizontal Stabilizers

Step 7: Installation of the Control Horns

Step8: Installation of the Servos

Step 9: Installation of the Fuel System

Step 10. Installation of the Radio System



Wingspan: 84 inches
Length: 76 inches
Wing Area: 1350 sq. inches
Weight: 16 - 18 lbs

Radio Equipment

Dual MPI switch/charge harnesses
Dual 1650 mAH NiMH 6.0V receiver batteries
Single 1100 mAH NiCAD 6.0V ignition battery
Futaba R148FP PCM Receiver
Hitec HT5945MG 180 oz.-in. coreless digital metal gear servos on ailerons (each), and elevator (two)
JR JR8611 220 oz.-in. digital composite gear servo on rudder (one)
Futaba S3004 servos on throttle and choke
Custom servo extension cables


Zenoah G-62 Gasoline Engine with CH ignition system
Dave Brown 3 1/2" Vortex Standard Spinner
Menz 22-10 Composite Propeller
24 oz. fuel tank
24 oz. smoke tank
Sullivan SkyWriter Smoke Pump

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