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21 Ways To Kill An R/C Model Club
by Joe Di Palma (Meroke Radio Control Club)

1) Donít attend meetings, but if you do, arrive late.
2) Be sure to leave before the meeting is over and make sure everyone hears you leave.
3) Sit in the back so you can talk with other members during the meeting.
4) Never have anything to say at meetings; wait until you get outside, then always be
5) After meetings, find fault with club officers and fellow members.
6) Hold back your annual dues as long as possible, or better yet, donít pay at all.
7) Never accept an office or serve on a committee. It is much easier to criticize than to
8) When everything else fails, abuse the clubís officers.
9) Donít bother enlisting new members; let the others do it all.
10) At meetings, agree to everything, then go home and do nothing.
11) Donít tell the club how its policy can help you, but if it doesnít help you, tell
     everyone else itís useless.
12) Do nothing more than whatís necessary, but when other members roll up their
      sleeves and willingly use their ability to help matters along, complain that the club is
      being run by a clique or dictator.
13) Talk cooperation but never cooperate.
14) Get all that the club has to give but give nothing in return.
15) Threaten to leave the club if something isnít the way you want it.
16) If youíre asked to help, always say you donít have time.
17) Never read any mailings or seek information. You might find out whatís going on.
18) If appointed to a position, never devote any time to it. Let someone else do it all.
19) Overlook your own shortcomings and concentrate on what they are not doing.
20) Repeat all the unpleasant things about your club to anyone who will listen.
21) Always criticize club officers whenever the opportunity arises.

Posted: Aug. 21, 2004