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                                                           No Noise Journal

The purpose of this Journal is to sensitize  members of the 495th R/C Squadron to the need  for maintaining a quiet flying field

Q.  Why do we give a “hoot” about noise?
A.  Because the Pinnacle St. field was closed to flying for 7 years after 1 complaint about noise caused
      by 1 person. 

Practical definitions:

         Sound is created by air pressure pulses;
         Noise is when the sound “bugs” you. 

The “No Noise Journal” will strive to educate club members about noise and offer some approaches to reducing sound production to a level that is not considered noise by our neighbors. In addition, it will also strive to do this while still enjoying our hobby.   

Analytically, the study of sound/noise is complex. However, every attempt will be made to keep  it easy to understand. To that end, bits of information will be placed periodically on the web site, thereby preventing information overload. 

Presently, some topics that will be covered are;

  1. Eliminating popular but erroneous myths about sound measurement.

  2. How much sound does a propeller produce?

  3. What is the effect of multiple sounds?

  4. Is our table of allowable db’s appropriate?

  5. How can “noise” be reduced without wrecking performance?

  6. What can be learned from past efforts to control "noise"?

There isn’t a regular schedule for the  “No Noise  Journal”. It will be produced frequently enough to remind us all that if we want to keep our field we all better take the “noise” business seriously, and all the time, not just when the field manager or members of the field committee are present.

Submitted by John Benincasa
March 2, 2004.