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495th R/C Squadron - WRAM Show 2005 Roundup

WRAM Show 2005 Roundup

VP John Morley Meeting Monokote Expert Mr. Faye Stilley at the 2005 WRAM Show

On Friday, February 25, 2005, eleven members of the the 495th R/C Squadron, Inc. made what has become an annual pilgrimage to the WRAM show held in White Plains, NY. Once again, VP John Morley organized the trip, and made all the arrangements to secure a 15 passenger passenger van for the four hour ride to White Plains. We had an extremely full day this year leaving at 6AM and not returning until 10PM in the evening. In addition to John Morley, also attending this year's show were Ron Quattrochi, Al Kinnon, Rick Breton, Clarence White, Ralph and Bob Dionne, Lew Sanderson, Dave Silva, Paul Howard, and Peter Nordberg.

A highlight of the trip was presenting AMA President Dave Brown with a plaque in appreciation for his continued support of the 495th R/C Squadron,  Inc. Several members helped Ron Quattrochi present Dave with the plaque consisting of a beautifully cut and beveled piece of black glass inlayed with a distinctive certificate of appreciation. Suffice it to say that Dave was extremely honored to receive the gratitude of the Club! Thanks to Ron for arranging such a memorable presentation!.

A special thanks to Al Kinnon for his navigation services (with a little bit of help from his GPS), and for helping to return the van at the end of the trip.

Thanks To All For A Great Time!!