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495th R/C Squadron, Inc. - WRAM Show 2007

A number of club members have expressed an interest in a group trip to the 2007 WRAM show to be held in White Planes, NY on Feb. 23 - 25, 2007. The 495th R/C Squadron, Inc. officers and board of directors think this is a GREAT idea! In fact, we like the idea so much that we have gone ahead and gathered the preliminary information necessary to make the following proposal to the club membership:
  • Date: Friday Feb. 23rd, 2007
  • Departure Time/Place: 6:00 AM at Dascomb Road Park-N-Ride
  • Return Time/Place: 10:00 PM (approx.) at Dascomb Road Park-N-Ride
  • Transportation: 15 Passenger Ford Van - driver provided
  • Available Seats: 15
  • Per Person Cost: $25.00 (assuming a full Van)

The WRAM Show website can be found here.

Note: The total cost for the van is approximately $375.00 for the full day, thus the per person cost is $25.00 with a full van. If the van is not full, the cost per person will be adjusted accordingly. On the other hand, if the van fills up and there is still additional interest, we would entertain the idea of hiring a larger vehicle, such as a motor coach.

Note: This proposal is for transportation only. Each member would be responsible for the cost of their own WRAM show admission ($12.00) at the door and food/refreshments.

Note: If you are interested in going on the trip, you must pre-pay in full by the date of the trip, unless other payment arrangements are made. In the event that the trip is cancelled, your money will be refunded, otherwise it is non-refundable.

It has been suggested that the club treasury be used to pay for, or substantially subsidize the cost of this trip. The officers of the club and the board of directors are NOT in favor of this proposal for the simple reason that the money in the club treasury was collected from ALL club members, and in our opinion, should be reserved for activities that benefit the club as a whole. The officers of the club and the board of directors feel that an expenditure from the treasury to fund a trip to the WRAM show for a few individuals does not meet this test. 

As of 2/19/07 we have 12 members confirmed for the WRAM show trip!

The following people are confirmed for the WRAM show trip:

1. John Morley 9. Lew Sanderson
2. Al Kinnon 10.Tony DiFinizio
3. Dave Silva 11.William Johnson
4. Bob Michaud 12.Steve Jackson
5. Clarence White  
6. Mihran Tenekedzhyan  
7. Bill Copp  
8. Rick Breton  

Names appearing BLUE have prepaid for the trip.

If you would like to join us on the WRAM show trip, please click here to submit your contact information.