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495th R/C Squadron, Inc. - Winter Fun Fly Wrapup

Winter Fun Fly Wrapup

On the January 21, 2006, the 495th R/C Squadron, Inc. held a Winter Fun fly at the John A. Ogonowski Model Flying Field (Pinnacle Street) in Tewksbury, MA. The fun fly was open to all current Club members, and was an exciting, fun-filled event! Beginning at 10:00 AM and running until 2:00 PM, the Timed Loops, Slow Fly-by, and Timed Circuits events were enjoyed by all!! We were fortunate to have an extremely mild day with temperatures near 50 degrees.  A complete report of the Winter Fun Fly follows below.

Flying Events - The top three finishers in the Flying Events (see above) were: 1st - Roger Carignan ($25.00), 2nd - Jim Thompson ($15.00), and 3rd - Dave Varrell ($10.00).

Lunch - A total of 60 hotdogs,  2 bags of chips, 5 bottles of soda, and 2 bags of cookies were served at the Winter Fun Fly . Following lunch, hot chocolate was available for everyone. All food was purchased and served by John Morley.